Tekkit Lite

Hi Guys,

By Now some of you would have realised that there is a new modpack out that is available from the Technic Launcher. This new modpack in named “Tekkit Lite”. I have recieved a small number of queries as to whether or not we will be switcing so I am here to inform you that we will not. Most likely we will wait until the next version of “Tekkit Classic”.

As some of you no doubt know, Tekkit Lite has EE3 in it yet at the moment it is incomplete and lacking nearly every EE item save the Alchemy Bags.

Thanks Guys,


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  1. i hope it gets back up soon and bty could mad man an admin get rid of the deployer he put down to show something to me? it is just bugging me a lot

  2. hey guys new here just got back home and went to get on the server and its down apparently again what is up with that

  3. Server is back down

  4. oh and hier, i forgot to tell you that the website is awesome:D

  5. yeah i have been having that same issue jacob, but now it says connection error when you try to login, so my last comment was probably right.
    (that being that there was an error somewhere)
    and hier read my last comment and is trying to fix it, or the server has completely crashed and hier hasnt heard yet
    well whatever it is, i hope the server is back up soon:D

  6. Yeah it just crashed!

  7. hier, the server is having connection resets all within 10 seconds of eachother, idk if that is you fixing something or a server error, but can you please try to stop it if it isnt you?

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